Enchanting Europe

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Enchanting Europe

According to statistics (Global Travel Statistics released by Hotel Pro in 2016), Europe is the most travelled Continent in the world. It ranks as the number one tourist destination for innumerable reasons. It offers a variety of experience to its visitors, who can choose to visit a country within Europe, or a number of countries in one trip. The varied landscape, climate, culture and architecture of Europe invite explorers from all corners of the globe. Does that mean that the experience of traveling to Europe is a stereotype ? no longer charming and fascinating for the discerning and seasoned traveler? No not true! Europe is enchanting and magical even for the most discriminating and well-traveled vacationer. At Delightful Travel & Tours, we’re different. For the experienced traveler, we bring out the hidden, the lost, and the overlooked destinations to bring you unique and highly rewarding journeys to the brilliant cultural mosaic that is Europe.

Across the Baltic lie Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, independent jewels of the once-massive Soviet Empire. Each has a wealth of character that is historic and yet modern. And Russia beckons with its still stately world-class museums and grand palaces, no longer gloomy and murky. In contrast Moscow and St. Petersburg are abounding with luxury shopping, restaurants and nightlife. Poland still enchants with a collection of ancient castles, historic towns and lovely countryside, while Romania is cinematically lost in time with a way a life that seems to resist change. Travel south to the Balkans and savor a wonderland of exotic scents, sounds and sights. Gorgeous Slovenia, where the Alps meet the Adriatic, presents stunning scenery with a welcoming smile. Experience the local flavor of the street side cafés of Bosnia Sarajevo, a meeting place for the people of southern Europe. Croatia, the seaside haunt of the rich and famous, is a perfect combination of Europe and the Mediterranean. And go off the beaten path in tiny Montenegro, revitalized Serbia, and once the remotest country in Europe, Albania, which now welcomes travelers with open arms. Turkey, where East meets West, has played host to empire after empire, from the Greeks to the Ottomans. Be enraptured by the warm people, sumptuous cuisine, historic sites and some of the most beautiful beaches and bays in Europe.

For the novices and first timers, we design vacations that introduce them to the rich history, heritage and cuisine of distinct cultures. World-famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, the Roman churches, the Grecian ruins, etc., are also present in Europe. Scenic natural areas like the Alps, the Black Forest region of Germany, the Mediterranean coastline, the countryside of some countries, etc., are also a part of the continent.

Enchanting Europe awaits you!

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