Visiting Arabia and North Africa

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Visiting Arabia and North Africa

The advent of one of the world’s most vital civilizations happened in Arabia and North Africa. Egyptian pyramids stand as some of the most magnificent Wonders of the World. The glorious Nile river travels through Egypt north to south ? its shores steeped in thousands of years of history. The majestic city of Petra, carved out of solid rock, lies deep in the mountainous Jordan desert. Syria’s ancient Palmyra stands well-preserved, while Beirut, Lebanon has seen over 5,000 years of history. Morocco, Tunisia and Libya’s proximity at the edge of Africa on the Mediterranean placed their cultures and people in the path of dramatic and diverse impact – Roman, Spanish, French, African and Arab influences have left their mark. A study in contrast, Dubai is the fastest growing place on earth – an icon for a modern age of innovative design and luxurious living.

The attraction of this remarkably beautiful region and its compelling people and culture captured our hearts centuries ago. Our close relationships have endured  surpassing the changes and challenges throughout history.

Wherever you travel in Arabia and Africa, we’ll be right there with you, making sure your journey is authentic, innovative and absolutely memorable.

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